Behind the Scenes

Discovery Lane has been our dream ever since we started working together in Early Childhood Education 15 year ago. Let us take you through our story and share with you the reason children’s educational toys are important to us.

We are Josie and Danni, two mothers from Sydney with young families of our own. Since becoming mothers, we value the importance of having a balance within our lives and the need to be present for our children. We have always been passionate about our work with children and we are now excited to explore this passion further, whilst sharing our knowledge with you along the way.

With over 35 years combined experience in the Early Childhood field, obtaining both Diploma and Bachelor degree qualifications, we have built an understanding of the importance of play. We believe that play is the foundation of all learning and that learning should be fun. We also understand the importance of all children having access to high quality, educational toys within their home environment. Our wish is to share our passion and knowledge with others to ensure that all children have the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace, and with their interests in mind.

Our educational toys have been hand-picked with the environment in mind. We understand the importance of providing you with eco-friendly toys that will not only be lots of fun, but will not become landfill in years to come.

We look forward to drawing on our experience as both educators and mothers of young children to hand pick educational toys from a range of high quality brands, covering all areas of development.

Welcome aboard, and together lets take a stroll through Discovery Lane.